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Established in 1989, IDEAglobal is an independent, global research organization, with its headquarters in Singapore, and subsidiaries in New York and London.  IDEAglobal is a leading supplier of independent and impartial advice to 50 central banks in the formation of policy and is read by financial professionals in over 500 dealing rooms worldwide.  Of the 50 largest financial institutions as ranked by Euromoney, all but four are clients of IDEAglobal.  Group companies include IDEAglobal.

IDEAglobal has over 80 full time research staff as well as access on an exclusive basis to a group of expert academics at the London School of Economics, as well as an active Advisory Board of former central bankers and former CEOs of investment banks.

Our research covers all the major asset classes including stocks, bonds, currencies, credit default swaps, energy and commodities (including the emerging carbon markets).   As an independent observer of international macro policy in OECD countries and most of the emerging countries in the world, IDEA enjoys a position of trust and respect among its global community of clients which numbers some 30,000 professionals.

IDEAglobalís focus on anticipating the evolution of risk (political, macro policy, and market) has enabled it to develop an experienced and integrated understanding of the major dominant forces driving market sentiment and public policy in many countries and trading blocs.  

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