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Our flagship research and consultancy product is designed for senior professionals in the investment banking, money management, and hedge fund industries. IDEAfirst provides unparalleled access to our senior research staff's insights. Over the past 12 years the company has built up a readership of more than 30,000 market professionals. Receiving IDEAglobal’s award-winning research ahead of the market equips the IDEAfirst customer with a very significant trading advantage.




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[USD] U.S. Bond Strategy for February 22

[USD] Treasuries found downward pressure across the curve following the release of minute from the 30-31 January FOMC meeting. Although these minutes stopped short of explicitly calling for more rate hikes, underlying support for continuing along the Fed's current path was enough to weigh on Treasuries (with a majority of participants noting that a stronger outlook for economic growth raised the likelihood that further gradual policy firming would be appropriate).
2/21/2018 8:52:16 PM

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[USD] Recap: FOMC Minutes Highlights

[USD] For full FOMC minutes summary, see below.
2/21/2018 7:22:34 PM

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[USD] US Preview: Leading Indicators

[USD] The January Conference Board leading economic indicators report will be released Thursday, 22 February at 10:00EST (15:00GMT). We expect a +0.5% increase to be registered in the composite measure for January, following the +0.6% m/m reading seen in December.
2/21/2018 6:01:06 PM

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[GBP] MPC members don their hawkish mantle

[GBP] Remarks coming from the UK BoE MPC members' testimonies to the Parliamentary TSC on the Feb Inflation report are skewed to the hawkish side and should be viewed as positive for Cable. BoE Gov Carney says the trade-off between growth and inflation has dwindled, adding that the time frame in which to bring inflation back to target has moved in from 3 years, although it hasn't moved in to 2 years, in the MPC's collective view. Dep Gov Broadbent says further increases in the Bank Rate to above 0.50% are likely to be required, albeit gradually and to a limited extent. He also points out that wage growth is picking up, and adds that the squeeze on households' real take home pay is past its worst. Chief Economist Haldane says since Nov the UK economy is somewhat stronger and infers that the economy only need grow at around last year's growth rate for further rate increases to be justified. Fellow MPC member Tenreyro says the tightening of interest rates is likely to be stronger than was anticipated in Nov. - Reuters. - IDEA: We remain with the view that the next change in interest rates will likely occur in May. Cable should try to revisit 1.4000 soon.
2/21/2018 4:40:19 PM

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IDEAglobal clients have been asking if we could make some revisions to the FX service on Thomson Reuters (IDEAFX). In response we have added a number of benefits for you:
  • Streamlined product structure for ease of use.
  • Reordered technical pages to allow users to more quickly review our technical calls on major FX pairs.
  • Daily CNH analysis (IDEAFX70) in light of the surge in FX volume seen in the offshore market over recent quarters.

Download the IDEAFX product guide here.

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