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The IDEAtrader line of procucts are available on Intermoney is IDEAglobal's premier site for global cross-market analysis for the Institutional and individual investor. Investors can access actionable analysis and forecasts on most major Currencies, Fixed Income Instruments, and Equity markets. The analysis and forecasts provided in intermoney is sourced from IDEAglobal's research team.

Intermoney's top-to-bottom analysis of the world's most dynamic markets include specific focus on market characteristics, identification of financial flows, in-depth macroeconomic coverage, comprehensive technical analysis, and expert political-risk analysis.

IDEA FxTrader highlights the key events in the foreign exchange and global markets providing forecasts and concise short-term analysis. This product is ideally tailored for corporate and individual private investors with currency exposure. Chronologically formatted to provide easy to follow 24 hour coverage of Global FX markets, IDEA FxTrader incisive, thought provoking information, likely to impact on the currency and economy of a country or region anywhere in the world. News of significant events in the currency options market and recommended FX hedging strategies allow users to consider alternative views and tactics in managing currency exposure.

IDEA BondTrader is targeted at the mid level buy side investment, corporate community, and HNWIs with an interest in money & fixed income (i.e., treasurers/fund managers and asset allocators). The research focuses on the global money and government bond markets & especially US/Euroland and Japan. Global policy and investment themes are covered where they are an important influence on fixed income markets. Provides complete overview of all key views & research drivers for the global money and bond markets. Also provides Previews and Reviews of key economic release/events with analysis and forecasts on how it is likely to affect bond and money markets. Bond and Money market strategy pieces provide tactical and strategic money making ideas. IDEA BondTrader is produced intra day with approximately 30 stories per day with weekly/ monthly inputs as well.

For further information kindly contact Mr. Ajay S. Kalotra at (212) 271-0795 /





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Visit InterMoney to gain access to actionable analysis/ forecasts on most major Currencies (IDEA FxTrader), Fixed Income Instruments (IDEA BondTrader), and Equity markets (IDEA StockTrader)